I’m a wife and mother who is passionate about fitness and creating healthy vegan dishes and soul satisfying sweet treats! I believe taking care of your physical health, in essence, takes care of your mental health too. They go hand in hand. While I have always enjoyed cooking, it became my passion for an odd reason. My husband suffers from gout, a very painful form of severe arthritis. It affects mostly men over the age of 35. Almost always, gout can be controlled through proper nutrition. We’ve gone though years of struggle and research to learn what to eat, and what not to eat. It seemed no matter what my husband ate or where we ate out, he would suffer painful flare ups. The main culprit is high purine foods and many acidic foods, including meats, dairy and even some veggies as well. Through many years of suffering we decided for the better of his health, a vegan lifestyle was necessary. All my recipes I share are vegan, refined sugar-free, and many are gluten-free and oil-free as well!

In addition to having to avoid so many foods, I also have the added challenge of my husband’s very selective taste buds. This is where my creativity, and his taste buds, had to coincide. I’ve become very busy in the kitchen these days and quite enjoy myself. I’ve been cooking since I was a kid but have spent the past several years really diving into creating recipes. This website is dedicated to not just a healthier way of life, but to an enjoyable one. Healthy recipes can be extraordinary!

I thoroughly enjoy cooking and baking for others, as well as entertaining and showing love through my dishes. You will come across that passion and love through my stories, tips and dishes on this website. Visit as often as you like, follow my blog, share with others and feel free to drop me a line with your thoughts!