Mint Chocolate Berry Refresher

I shared recently on Facebook that I would be incorporating a couple of raw days a week. If you’re unfamiliar to what this means, it is simply eating fresh whole foods in their pure form, no cooking involved. I promised that I would share this particular smoothie. It has been one of my many smoothies. IT IS DELICIOUS!

This one is chocolatey, slightly fruity and refreshing. The mint is the perfect finish and is what keeps it tasting light, and not too heavy. It is the perfect breakfast and starts with your day. Pretty gorgeous to look at too.

Serves: 1 (Double if making for more than 1 person)


1 heaping cup frozen strawberries (5.5 oz)

1 cup low-fat unsweetened coconut milk (I’m sure almond milk would work too if you don’t mind a slightly nutty taste)

2 tablespoons organic raw chocolate powder (cocoa powder would work too)

2 tablespoons pure maple syrup (You could also use agave, stevia, truvia…whatever you prefer, adjust to your desired sweetness)

2 sprigs fresh mint, using just the leaves after rinsing them

1 tablespoon wheat germ (optional)

splash vanilla extract

Note: This smoothie is not overly sweet, so feel free to add more maple syrup or your preferred sweetener to your liking.


The key here is to use frozen strawberries. If you use fresh, then it will be too liquidy and adding ice will dilute the flavors, which you don’t want. If your blender is a little weak, just let the frozen strawberries thaw for a few minutes first. That’s what I do because mine isn’t all that powerful. Blend all the ingredients together and garnish with fresh mint and strawberries. Enjoy!

I will be sharing several of my smoothie creations in the coming blog posts, so stay tuned!

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